A simple method of building the weighted centerboard is shown below. A small bottle of liquid soap serves as a simple form, and some lead bird shot and epoxy resin supplies the weight. If bird shot connot be obtained, scuba diving weights contain steel shot and could also be used.


By floating the model it was determined that about 2 pounds would be enough weight to float the model at her waterline.

Plastic sandwich bags help to split the weight and lay in the bilge to balance the boat.


Notice the plastic soap bottle with nice oval shaping. Some simple eyeballing and some guide marks and after cutting on the lines you have a pair of ready made forms.

These can be cut oversize and used again. They will hold about 2 1/2# of lead each the way I cut them. Handy for other models ...


A test fit with some tapping and jigggling and where almost ready.

The forms can be tipped fore and aft and should be checked and levelled to get both pieces the same shape.


This photo shows a slight goof! The fix is to add a spoonfull or two of resin before adding any lead shot. I didn't. Then add a little shot and a little resin, stirring as you go. Total resin used was less than 3 oz. for both pieces.

Now I will have to repair with filler/ shot and do some extra sanding.

Live and learn ...


Not the best photo; can't really see the 8-32 screw holding the weights to the 1/8" plywood centerboard. For temporary fairing I use candle wax in the center joint and dings until I'm happy with the sailing balance and final shape for the centerboard and rudder.


Final assembly and sailing soon ....


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